The Wendigo Agenda

Wendigos and skinwalkers can be found throughout modern world. It is our mission to unmask them.

Collected below are a selection of various projects of mine. Extremely amateur in nature but passionate about these things.

A few of my videos I enjoy more for whatever reason.

The Southern Reaches

I have an ongoing project based around a tabletop game of D&D 5th Edition I run online via Foundry.

Called "The Southern Reaches", this setting takes place in a mysterious region long cut off from civilization.

With themes of science fantasy and body horror the setting provides some unusual variants of expected classes and monsters.

I have a public-facing wiki via LegendKeeper:

A starborn race in decline, desperately clinging to relics of the past in hope of finding a place in a hostile world. Inspired by the Fallen from Destiny 1 & 2.

An array of races, including some old favourites, some truly alien options, a wide set of items even including a new mechanic and a handful of monsters to pit your players against.

A selection of subclasses that primarily aim to provide a different take on the base class. Blood Clerics, Ghost Druids, desolating Sorcerors and more can be found within.

The Adept is a psionic martial heavily inspired by the Fighter and Monk. The 3 subclasses push the base in a different direction, adding some flexibility.

Part of an Umbrella Cosplay group making free, requested and paid appearances at local events, always looking for new events.