Otlin is a strength-based Ranger now multiclassing into monk venturing into the depths of the Chultan Jungle.

His lack of social skills and reckless behaviour give him a harsh appearance, but his primary goal is to hunt and explore as he can.

Otlin has come close to death on many, many occasions, all of which are recorded in his journal. This is often a direct result of his feeding frenzy.

In the depths of the Tomb of the Nine Gods he met his end facing Acerak, falling alongside all but one of his comrades in a battle that forced Acerak into retreat and ended the Death Curse.

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Bosko Fairweather

Bosko was a Pact of the Tome Warlock with a twist on the Great Old One patron. Her journey began in the land of Mortaria. Bosko spent several years training in a monastery dedicated to the god Amaunator, as such she does retain some aspects of her longstanding faith.

A little prior to the inciting events, she found herself drawn to a book in the temple reliquary. Upon touching the book she found herself before the visage of the Raven Queen and tasked with something she barely understands.

Her limited psionic gift has been integral to her self-defense and the guidance of her Raven familiar invaluable in the form of visions.

Deep below the earth, Bosko and her comrades were trapped and toyed with by a twisted Drow Artificer who had stocked his elaborate laboratory with traps and horrible, twisted monsters. After seeing another two comrades fall to the machines of the Webway, she too fell prey to one of the servants of Xavin. Her heart pierced by the infernal machine, she stood before the Raven Queen and the Shadow Walker as a choice was put to her. Fall to the Shadow and rise anew. Return to life without the corruption or power the Shadow Walker had given her, or join the Raven Queen's servants in the afterlife. Her service is complete.

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Vigil is an Oath of the Executioner Paladin. The last of his kin, he was placed in stasis in the aftermath of the Shadow Walker's first crusade. He and his brethren were tasked with keeping watch, awakening if the Shadow rose again, to end his evil.

Vigil is a Reborn and lacks much of his memory, reclaiming a few shards when he granted the wretched perversions of his brothers the mercy of death.